Surround yourself with supporters

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Who you surround yourself with when taking a big leap of faith is almost the most important thing you should worry about.

Your closest circle
As you decide to make a change in your life, you need to know that not everyone will support it. Even the most important people in your life might discourage you. Do not let that stop you! We all have our insecurities, and sometimes we just forget to support others because of them. As you start your journey learn not to take anything personally, it’s the best advice I can give.

Don’t listen to the people telling you that it will never work, listen to the ones saying that if it doesn’t work out you can try again.

You don’t need everyone to be behind you. You need the ones that you can reach at any time, the ones that will challenge you and encourage you. Building a business or making changes in your life can be a lonely journey. Make sure that you’re always a call away from your supporters.

Business circle

Someone once said to me “People always meet twice in their lifetime”, you might find that corny but what it really means is: Don’t underestimate any contact.

Knowing that we can access contacts, up to the 3rd level of relationship on LinkedIn, means that on average, millions of contacts, professional contacts, are achievable when cherishing your business circle.

Always respect and maintain your relationships. Some of our investors in are people I met 5 years ago, if you would ask both of us back then, we had no idea that we would be working together.

You have nothing to lose

Sending an email, reaching out on Linkedin, or approaching someone at an event are things you can’t find excuses for. Yes, your ego might take a hit if things get awkward but you live and you learn. At least you tried, you have nothing to lose I promise.

 4,058 total views

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