Women don’t take time.

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Building hackyourcloset.com a monthly dose of relief and happiness. 

The resilience of women has never ceased to amaze me.

From my own mother who battled with mental illness for many years, to another role model of mine who just got her new startup acquired all the while raising a family of two young kids.

I have never stopped witnessing the stamina that we as women have been required to build over the years. Women are the backbone of our society, full stop. 

We battle to raise our voices in an unequal society, we give birth and raise the next generations, we build careers and companies, we support the ones around us and continue to put others first.

But when do we actually take time for ourselves? When is it “ME” time? 

Hackyourcloset.com wants to deliver that little gift to ourselves, a moment of fun and happiness that carries no guilt.

Like many gifts, it might not always be perfect, but the feeling it evokes will always remain. The nervous laughs of trying on something you’ve never tried before, the bravery of going out with something different and finally the great feeling when compliments are made.

We select all of our boxes to empower our customers and to allow them to let loose once in a while.

 52,016 total views

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