Farewell 2021

An article about mental health, convictions and running a start-up. Mental health is something pretty common amongst entrepreneurs. 72% of entrepreneurs are directly or indirectly affected by mental health issues compared to just 48% of non entrepreneurs. Why Entrepreneurs Need To Talk About Their Mental Health – Forbes Dan Murray-Serter I have now understood how […]

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Women don’t take time.

The resilience of women, as I see it, is an unwavering force that never fails to astonish me. From my own mother, who bravely confronted and battled with mental illness for many years, to another woman I deeply admire, successfully navigating the acquisition of her startup while simultaneously raising a family of two young kids […]

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The podcasts I listen to.

It’s only been a couple of years since I got caught up in the world of podcasts and audio books. When you try, try and try and the ideas don’t come naturally to you, and sometimes they just don’t, find new sources of inspiration. Listen to others and how they solved their own challenges. Their […]

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Your numbers need to be right!

You don’t need a business degree to start a company but you do need to understand what it means to have a business model, I didn’t the first time.

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So close yet so different

Currently back from Sweden and discovering the nomad life between France, Sweden, and Switzerland I moved/traveled through Europe for the past 10 years. I left France for Berlin in 2011 and spent a bit more than 3 years before heading to Sweden for 6 years! It is fascinating how crossing borders can open up to […]

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