Hi, my name is Lisa!

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Born in France, I have spent the past 10 years working across Europe and digging into the innovation and start-ups bubble. My career started a little earlier when I graduated with a high-level technician degree in visual communication and web design back in 2010.

I’ve always disliked theory and school wasn’t my biggest passion. I am this type of student who could do more but will only do the bare minimum (unless it was actually a course I found interesting). The only course that really had my attention were math, history, and social sciences.

Against all wishes from my parents to get a “normal & stable” job, I left with my diploma and started my first entrepreneurial adventure as a freelance graphic designer. Building a portfolio, pitching to potential clients, winning and losing deals. For full disclosure, I also had side jobs to actually put food on the table. I worked for a textile shop, a Thai restaurant, and many fashion retailers (The Kooples, Esprit, Guess, Calvin Klein, Brice…)

I have been fascinated by clothes for as long as I can remember, my grandfather was a tailor and my mom bought my clothes from a second-hand kilo shop in the city.


As I decided to restart this blog, here is where I am on the 13th of July 2021. I founded 2 start-ups, traveled to 3 different countries, and got involved with several start-ups including Spotify for 2.5 years where I joined as a product marketing consultant.

 46,197 total views

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