Two years later

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If you’ve read this article (Women don’t take time), well you might as well know that I have taken my own words very seriously and have been focusing on myself for the past 2 years. Yeah… Hi I am back.

Despite the challenges of 2022 – the pandemic, wars, and injustice hitting us hard – I want to talk about the tech space and how it’s been facing its own set of challenges. While our/my experiences in tech can’t compare to the struggles faced globally, it’s the only thing I can speak about first hand.

The tech sector has taken a major step back. The discussions around biases and climate, though important, are navigating the tricky waters of economic uncertainty making it even harder for female founders, and impact companies to drive innovation.

Looking at the trajectory I too decided to take a step back. What is going on, where is it going?

After facing an enormous pile of roadblocks (mentioned above), and being unable to fulfil the reason I became an entrepreneur in the first place, I decided that the best way forward was to take a break, time for myself to do some retrospective, analyse the current market, learn more skills and find a way back when the right time comes.

This is the best decision I have made as an entrepreneur, a decision that led me to take another look at technology & innovation, but also a decision that humbled me so deeply that I now see how and what I can do better next time.

 7,953 total views

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