Surround yourself with supporters

Who you surround yourself with when taking a big leap of faith is almost the most important thing you should worry about.

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Your numbers need to be right!

You don’t need a business degree to start a company but you do need to understand what it means to have a business model, I didn’t the first time.

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So close yet so different

Currently back from Sweden and discovering the nomad life between France, Sweden, and Switzerland I moved/traveled through Europe for the past 10 years. I left France for Berlin in 2011 and spent a bit more than 3 years before heading to Sweden for 6 years! It is fascinating how crossing borders can open up to […]

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Hi, my name is Lisa!

Born in France, I have spent the past 10 years working across Europe and digging into the innovation and start-ups bubble. My career started a little earlier when I graduated with a high-level technician degree in visual communication and web design back in 2010. I’ve always disliked theory and school wasn’t my biggest passion. I […]

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Why clothes?

As previously mentioned, I have been fascinated by people and how they dress for a long time. For the story, my grandfather from Vietnam got recruited by the French army during the second world war. He spent months on a ship from Vietnam to France taking care of the soldiers’ uniforms. Following his arrival in […]

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